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Friday, March 26, 2010

Liberal rants After reading What OBAMA care really means.

Love the FACT sheet getting ready to re-post at my own blog. Great work Jane. It’s amazing how little were getting after such a Titanic struggle. This bill could have been written by the BV$H regime from what I can see. It’s almost like a mirror image of the Medicare Part D bill the Dems. fought tooth and nail against a few yrs. ago. This sucks and proves what many have been saying for decades , that both major parties are owned and operated by the same Fortune 500 companies. I’m personally abandoning the Dem. ship after this crushing experience. I’ve been a community activist and Prog. Dem. for 45 yrs. but no more. I’m dropping the Dem. party membership and becoming an Indep. Progressive . I will not give $$, time or votes to Corporatist candidates. You want to take $$ from these SUPER SIZED PEOPLE go ahead but you don’t get anything from me.

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