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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Leftwing Rants from Liberal Blogs

I wish to say this as respectfully (and from the heart!) as I possibly can: Why do you still assume remaining within the Dem Party is the only way to go? It reminds me of people who are abused…who then turn right around and go back to living with those same abusers after they’ve just been released from the emergency room with life-threatening fractures and lacerations.

FYI: I’m a long-divorced female who was fortunate enough to have had an excellent therapist years ago. And the gem he gave me, as I was lamenting my current state of affairs: “You have a choice, you know.” Huh? What? You mean…you mean I don’t have to remain in this marriage?
I left the Dem Party years ago. Years. Because it’s still part of the “game.” Admittedly, I got duped, big time, by Obama. But what a great lesson for me. (And perhaps others.) Bottom line: Change ain’t gonna happen from the “inside.” This latest election is as clear a demonstration as any…that no matter what the intentions, no matter what the hype…we have institutionalized corruption in ALL areas of politics and government.
So…what the heck is keeping us from forming a new way to do it? A new system? New party?

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