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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Liberal Bloggers are feeling the Heat!

Recent Comment on a Liberal - Progressive Blog

I agree. If we continue voting for democrats who betray us when it is time to govern bcz we are scared of the republicans we deserve what we get. The only way democrats are going to do what we elected them to do, is when they know for sure that we will vote their asses out if they dont do it. I dont have to vote for a dem in a primary to achieve that, I can just sit home on election nite and watch the tar and pitch fork crowd run them out of office. Obama and the dems have showed us whose side they are on and it is not ours, to keep begging them to work for us just because we voted them in office is ridiculous. Obama is not going to try and do anything until 2011 when he sees that he is 15 points behind a generic republican candidate. Until then it is going to be nothing but kiss ass and bend over for him.

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