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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Readers respond to LA Times Puff Piece RE: ACORN

If Congress and the President think it is up to them to clean house for Health Care and the Auto Industry, why do you now call on ACORN to clean itself? Which face are we to believe is the right way?

Balou8900 (09/16/2009, 11:11 AM )
Once again, the Liberal Area Times has shown its true colors. The Times finds Mr. O'Keefe's methods "distasteful". However, the Times seems to have no qualm with the felonys committed on the taxpayer dime. You mention Acorn performs worthwhile work in poor communities and registers voters. Tell us again, how many states are they under indictment for voter fraud, 10,12, more? It would appear Mr O'Keefe and Ms Giles scouped your staff on a story and will probably win a Pulitizer before you guys do.

Why in the world do you find that, "O'Keefe's hidden-camera methods are distasteful..."? Is the use of "hidden camera methods" so distasteful. Why Mike Wallace was using them long before 60 MinutesSurely The Times will acknowledge that this publicly funded organization has been engaged in unscrupulous tactics. And that these tactics are a legitimate focus of investigation by the press. The press has a unique role in American society; a role that is to protect the people from corrupting influences on public life.

The question is why the press has ignored ACORN and given it a free pass? If the press had been fulfilling its responsibility to the people, and had the press been doing its job, there would be no need for someone else to do it for them!

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