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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Is Senator Patrick Leahy the Real Joker?

Senator Patrick Leahy,wants to ivestigate the Bush Administration. It appears this clown is trying to notch his name in the history books as the "goofiest" senator of them all"....
What happen to the "Tax Cheats" that were recently named to the Obama Cabinet?
The 'Nastiest' Democrat: Sen. Patrick Leahy, Republican nightmare - overview of controversial senator's political career
This Article says it all!
National Review , July 9, 2001 by Jay Nordlinger

The other Vermont senator's no day at the beach. He is Patrick Leahy, and when James Jeffords pulled his big switch, Leahy landed a big job: chairman of the Judiciary Committee. It's a job Leahy has always wanted; and a Republican nightmare has begun.

By a consensus of Hill Republicans-Pat Leahy is the meanest, most partisan, most ruthless Democrat in the Senate. Ask a Republican about Leahy, and he'll shudder. Then he will say that, though Leahy can be nice and smiling on the surface, underneath he is-take your pick-"a left-wing brute," "nasty," "a pile of pure malice." Republicans are not in complete agreement, however: One says, "He's the most obnoxious [SOB] in the Senate now that Howard Metzenbaum's gone"; another says, "Nah, he was always worse than Metzenbaum, it's just that the general public didn't know it." Republicans, to a man, swear that they would take Ted Kennedy, Christopher Dodd, Joe Biden, John Kerry-any famously partisan Democrat over Leahy. They were very much hoping that Biden, for example, would resume his chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee; he was chairman, recall, during the years that included the pummeling of Robert Bork and the pummeling of Clarence Thomas. Instead, however, Biden chose the Foreign Relations post, leaving Judiciary to Leahy.

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