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Monday, June 13, 2011

The Left Comments on Weiner! Firedoglake musings.

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I love you . *smooch*

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Thank you, too, I will contact his office.

Recc’d. I’ve been saying it for a while; all this is not possible without media compliance/exacerbation.

I’m sick of high-pruderism.

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Hi back C-S; Heh. It is as far as I’m concerned. Replaces “High Broder-ism.”

I’m sick of prudes. I exult. I’m an exulter. Not a shame-based person. And I’m sick of the shame-demanders. They can piss off.

“I do not understand this Democratic Party drumbeat for Anthony Weiner to resign. The man is in treatment for this illness, or compulsion, or whatever it is. Can’t his fellow Democrats at least respect that?”

This has been my take from the start also, at least the part that the man needs to get with a doctor and get some help with this.

The drumbeat people calling for resignation over what they think his issue may be adds to the circus atmosphere that they claim to dislike so much.

I don’t know the guy, but I will say this: He will find out who his friends are and who his friends are not…and he may be very surprised at what he finds out.

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I don’t know , I’m on the fence with this one.

At first I was 100% for Anthony–a man whose legislation I’ve agreed with about 95% of the time.

But good grief! more and more photos of him are emerging on the Internet.

It is sad but he looks like an immature fool, a buffoon.

I cringe to think what else is yet to be unearthed.

I guess the fair thing is to wait until we see the worst of the worst.

And what will that be?
I don’t know.
I guess the fair thing is to wait it all out and see if he has indeed broken the law.

ETHICs? Honest to goodness! The US House dispensed with ethics with the 109th Congress “The Worst Congress Ever” as they were so named by Matt Taibbi.

The thing is, nothing — nothing — that has been “unearthed” is actually illegal. At all. (They tried to make something of some innocent Tweets exchanged between him and a teen a few months ago, but the teen’s mother and the cops both saw the exchange and cleared it. In fact, the mother is sickened at how the press is hounding him.)

There is also evidence that Darrell the Car Thief Issa or at least his staffers may be behind this:

N then, contrary to all other comments it seems, I’m gonna bet he’s been sordid, unfaithful n cheatin all along.

Men of power abuse their status for sexual gratification, it’s been proven, it’s a pattern thru out history, it’s a well documented trend.

I don’t care if it’s illegal or not, like Ahnald The Gropenator (bless Maria for dumping his ass finally after so many years of bullshit on his part) it’s disgusting and if an elected offal will abuse that privilege sexually then they will abuse their power in other ways.

We’ll see just how messed up this dude is soon . . . I’ll bet he’s a mess . . . diapers or not.

I don’t get the support for him, he’s a proven lech, (underage twits, I mean, why is he twitting sexual stuff in the FIRST place? He’s married!).

And I reject the ‘prude’ labeling of those who hold Weiner to be a lech, that’s just a complete bunch of jive.

Are there political enemies who want to take him down? Protect their own selfs politically (dems)?


But ya can’t lump them all into one catagory.

MY bag is, he’s a proven lech and unfit to lead.

But the bottom line will and should be, what do his constituents think. They elected his lech ass, they should be the one’s talking about it all n making decisions n writing letters n making phone calls.